1. Frequently Asked Questions

  2. The Jackson Police Department offer you the following frequently asked questions:

    How can I file a complaint against an officer?

    How can I commend an officer?

    Who should I report a crime to?

    When should I call 911?

    If I have a problem but it's not an emergency, whom should I call?

    How can I check to see if there is a registered sex offender living in my area?

    How can I obtain an ex-parte/Order of Protection?

    What do I do if a police officer turns on his lights and siren to stop me?

    I was issued a traffic ticket. Where do I go to pay it?

    Where are the local courthouses located?

    Can I request extra patrol in my neighborhood?

    What happens after I file a written report about an incident?

    How do I obtain a copy of a Jackson Police report or accident report?

    How can I obtain a copy of a police report?

    Do I have to wait 24 hours before I can report a person missing?

    I reported a crime but the officer has not called me back.

    I left a message for an officer to call me back but he has not returned my calls.  What should I do?

    I called to report drug information but nothing happened?  Why was my information not acted upon?

    How much can I drink and drive?

    What can I do about cars and trucks parked in front of my house?

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

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    2. Memorial Day
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    2. E-Cycle Day
      E-Cycle Day is a one-day, drive-through/drop off o...Read More
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    2. Yard Waste Pick-Up Week
      Yard waste pickup for solid waste customers. ...Read More
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