June Safety Tips

The Jackson Police Department each time this year experiences reports of thefts from motor vehicles. These crimes happen all over town, not just in one area Most of the items being stolen are usually taken from unlocked vehicles were items are in plain view when walking by them. We wish we could say Jackson was immune from crime but Jackson is just like every other city in Missouri.

We ask that citizens do the following to help protect themselves from becoming a victim and to assist us in catching the person(s) responsible:

Never leave anything in your vehicle you do not want others to steal. Examples are purses, CD’s, money, tools, etc. Criminals walk around day and night looking into vehicles parked on the street, parking lots and in driveways to see what they can take and what vehicles are unlocked. If your vehicle is unlocked they can get in and out within minutes. If you have to leave something in your vehicle, lock it in the trunk, glove box or have it out of site.

Always lock your vehicles and homes. So many reports we take residents leave things unlocked which provides easy access and opportunity for criminals.

Do not leave your keys in vehicles.

Report anything you see out of the ordinary in your neighborhood. No matter what time of day or night if you see something suspicious report it to our department. This can be done by calling us 243-3151

If you go out on vacation or if you will be gone a few days, call and request an extra patrol of your residence. You can also request this online on our front page to our website. Also let your neighbors know so they can help keep an extra eye on your place.