The City of Jackson would like to remind residents and commercial mowers that sweeping or blowing yard waste into the public roadways is against City ordinance.  Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, and other debris) piled up in the gutters of public streets creates flooding, water quality and safety issues. When the storm-water drainage system becomes blocked with grass clippings and leaves it creates a flooding potential that could result in property damage.  Disposing of grass clippings and leaves in the street also can create safety concerns by reducing traction between vehicles and the roadway.  Help prevent flooding problems in your neighborhood by disposing of yard waste properly and promptly, and by keeping streets and storm drains clean and free from debris.

 Property owners are responsible for properly disposing of yard waste and should not blow or rake grass, leaves, and other yard debris into the public street or alley. 

If you use a commercial lawn care maintenance service, please let them know that blowing or raking yard waste into the public roadways or storm water drainage system is prohibited.

Street Department crews do their best to keep the City’s storm drains working properly. However, crews can’t remove all the grass and leaves from storm drain grates, especially during heavy rains.

Any person or persons, firm or corporation who willfully or knowingly obstructs or damages any public street or roadway by throwing or depositing leaves, grass clippings, yard waste, brush, trees, stumps, logs, or any refuse or debris whatsoever in such road or in the ditches may be found guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable as set out in City Code Section 29-107, which states as follows:

Sec. 21-107. - Prohibition of illegal discharges.

(a)    No person shall throw, drain or otherwise discharge, cause or allow others under its control to throw, drain or otherwise discharge into the municipal separate storm sewer system any pollutants or waters containing any pollutants other than storm water.

 It's not just vegetation that poses a problem.  Litter, including plastic bottles, soda cans and potato chip bags - anything that is not storm water - can clog up the drainage system and poses hazards for the receiving stream.  Storm drains are not intended to be garbage collection boxes.

 What you can do with the grass clippings, leaves, and yard debris:

v  Use grass clippings, leaves, and yard waste as compost in your garden.

v  Sweep up yard waste and place in a large plastic bag.

v  Jackson residential customers (inside the city limits) can place unlimited amounts of bags of yard waste at curbside for free pickup on the 1st and
 3rdfull week of each month.

v  Residential customers (inside the city limits) can take yard waste to the yard waste pits at the Recycling Center in unlimited quantities at no charge. However, yard waste from people living outside the city limits and from commercial lawn care providers is not accepted at the yard waste pits.

City officials ask that if anyone discovers a clogged storm drain causing street flooding or a street drain not working properly please report the problem to the Public Works Department at 243-2300.

Residents can call the Jackson Police Department at 243-3153 to report illicit discharge.  A warning is issued upon the first violation and a citation for the second.