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  1. You have contacted the Jackson Missouri Police Department. If this is an emergency, do not give us the information here - please dial 911 immediately!

    Note: In the details be sure to completely describe the circumstances surrounding your tip, descriptions of persons involved, and descriptions of vehicles and license plate numbers involved.

    It could take several days for your tip to be reviewed. The form on this page is only making the Jackson Missouri Police Department aware of a situation or any suspicious activity. The false reporting of a crime is punishable by law. Once again this is not an official report. If you need to speak with an officer, request a report, report something going on in your neighborhood or report immediate threatening criminal activity please call our office at 573-243-3151.

  2. Can we contact you regarding this tip?
  3. (Did this activity occur only one time, or is it ongoing? When did this activity occur or when does it usually occur? For example, Friday evenings between 6 pm and 11 pm. Please be specific as possible.)

  4. Thank you for helping to make Jackson a safer place!

    We welcome your assistance in reporting any crime, tip, or unsafe condition that you would like to report to us. Safety and security is everyone's business and we can not maintain a safe city without your assistance. So we ask for your help by providing information to assist us. All information provided will be kept confidential.

    If you would like to submit the information anonymously, we will investigate it. We can provide a better service if we know who has given the information as there may be additional information we need from you. Either way, the information is important to us and will be followed up on. Individuals reporting information will not necessarily be recontacted in all cases. This form is not intended to be used as a substitute for an official police report.

    This form is only intended to notify the Jackson Police Department of a potential problem, situation or tip. A police report can not be requested through this online form, for this call 573-243-3151.

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